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Comité de législation


The Comité de legislation was created in 1969. Its mandate is to provide opinions and recommendations to the Conseil exécutif regarding the legal implications of all bills the Government intends to introduce to the National Assembly.

To do so, the Comité ensures that a bill presented by a minister in a memorandum is consistent with the recommendations made in the memorandum. It also sees to it that all the steps in the drafting process are followed and that the required consultations are held.

The Comité ensures the following: the adequacy of the solution proposed in the bill with the intended purpose, the legislative and legal coherence of the bill with the applicable legislation in Quebec, the legal equivalence of the English text with the French text, the use of English terminology specific to the Québec legal system and the linguistic and terminological quality of the French and English texts. In addition, the Comité considers the complexity, scope and consequences of the bill from a legal standpoint.

Once the Conseil exécutif has made a decision regarding a bill, the Comité ensures that the bill is consistent with it. The Comité also sees, throughout the course of the bill in the National Assembly, that the proposed amendments are consistent with the original decision of the Conseil exécutif. It may, according to the nature or importance of the amendments, authorize their tabling at the National Assembly or, when the proposed amendments include elements that were not the subject of the original decision, require the preparation of a new memorandum for the approval of the Conseil exécutif.

The Comité holds the same powers regarding draft bills. It may also issue guidelines for drafting bills and amendments.


  • Sonia LeBel, Chair
  • Simon Jolin-Barrette, Vice-Chair
  • Nathalie Roy
  • Jean Boulet
  • Sylvie D’Amours

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