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Comité de législation

Mandate of the committee

The Comité de législation has a mandate to ensure, once the Conseil exécutif has made a decision concerning a legislative proposal formulated by a minister in a brief, that the resulting bill conforms to the decision.

If the bill departs from the decision or contains new items, the committee will evaluate its importance in light of the decision and bearing in mind the desired objective. If it deems it appropriate to do so, the committee will refer the question to the Conseil exécutif for a decision.

The committee exercises the same powers in respect of amendments to a bill.

It ensures the legislative and legal coherence of the bill or amendments that it examines. Moreover, it considers:

  • the harmonization of the bill and all applicable legislation in Québec;
  • the appropriateness of the solution proposed in the bill considering the desired objective;
  • the complexity, scope and consequences of the bill from a legal standpoint;
  • the simplicity and quality of the bill’s terminology.

The committee ensures that all stages in the process of drafting the bill under study have been completed and that the requisite consultations have been carried out.

It prepares, at the request of the Conseil exécutif, the Secretary General of the Conseil exécutif or the chair of the Comité de législation, opinions on the legislative or regulatory implications of the briefs or other documents submitted it to.

The Comité de législation may issue directives on the rules to be followed when legislation and regulations are drafted.


Stéphanie Vallée


Laurent Lessard


  • Gaétan Barrette
  • Sébastien Proulx
  • Jean-Marc-Fournier
  • Kathleen Weil
  • Pierre Moreau

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