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Secrétariat aux emplois supérieurs

The Secrétariat aux emplois supérieurs (SES) advises the government in matters of its senior public service and offers services with a view to fostering the competence, dedication and integrity of government employees in senior positions.

In carrying out its mission, the main responsibilities of the SES are to:

  • Manage the hiring, appointment, renewal of the term of office, reassignment, promotion, reclassification or departure of senior position holders;
  • Evaluate and recommend the level of senior positions;
  • Determine the remuneration and other conditions of employment of position holders;
  • Offer development activities and coaching services to individuals appointed to senior positions in government ministries and organizations;
  • Respond to the needs of senior position holders who exercise adjudicative functions, while respecting their decisional independence;
  • Advise the Government, the Secretary General, and upper management echelons of government ministries and organizations, notably in matters of ethics and governance.

The SES serves a clientele of some 800 full‑time senior position holders, half of whom hold managerial positions, including deputy ministers, assistant or associate deputy ministers, heads of organizations, general delegates, delegates and heads of mission. The other half consists mainly of members who exercise adjudicative functions. The SES also serves almost 1,500 part-time senior position holders, and nearly half of these are members of boards of directors, some of which are governed by An Act respecting the governance of state-owned enterprises. The others are members of advisory committees, councils, commissions, bureaus, boards or administrative tribunals.

The SES is under the responsibility of Line Bérubé, Associate Secretary General, who can count on the support of a team of some thirty individuals.

Appel de candidatures

Liste des postes de titulaires d’un emploi supérieur à pourvoir

Directory (in French)

Répertoire du personnel de la haute direction dans les ministères et les organismes

Administrative and Legislative Documents (in French)

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Contact Information

Secrétariat aux emplois supérieurs
Édifice Honoré-Mercier
835, René-Lévesque Est, 1st floor
Québec (Québec)  G1A 1B4
Phone : 418 643-8540

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