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Secrétariat à la législation

The Secrétariat à la législation is one of the Secrétariat of the Ministère du Conseil exécutif. It assists the Comité de législation in its operations.

The Secrétariat à la législation is composed of:

  • one assistant secretary general, lawyer
  • five legislative advisors, lawyers
  • one executive assistant, notary
  • three support staff

This Secrétariat ensures that the work associated with the drafting of bills in government departments and agencies is carried out according to schedule so that the government’s legislative program may be implemented. It coordinates all of the revision work related to bills that the government intends to introduce in the National Assembly.

It provides government departments and agencies with support to prepare, draft, and develop bills and their amendments. It analyzes the briefs and bills that must be submitted to the Comité de législation and reviews the bills’ format and substantive legal issues. It also guaranties an institutional link with the National Assembly’s Legislative Translation and Publishing Directorate, which translates and prints bills.

The Secrétariat analyzes each bill for the Comité de législation. It indicates the bill’s particular legal features, possible difficulties, and outstanding issues. In particular, it stresses departures from our legal system’s major reference documents, retroactive application of measures, the constitutional issues that arise from them and inconsistencies with the rest of the legal corpus that they may introduce, and advises the Comité de législation on these issues, as needed.

Once the bill has been introduced to the National Assembly, the Secrétariat follows its progress, on behalf of the Cabinet and the Comité de législation, through the different parliamentary stages. It ensures that proposed amendments are of good quality and consistent with the law, and it recommends their examination by the Cabinet or the Comité de législation when necessary. In this respect, it ensures the necessary link with the Office of the Government House Leader.

Finally, the Secrétariat ensures that the Comité de législation meetings are prepared and held, and that the minutes are written. It submits the resolutions of the Conseil exécutif’s Comité au Secrétariat for consideration by Cabinet during examinations of briefs proposing the introduction of bills and amendments.

Contact Information
Secrétariat à la législation
Édifice Honoré-Mercier, bureau R.C. 10
835, René-Lévesque Est
Québec (Québec) G1A 1B4
Phone: 418 643-1250
Fax: 418 646-8700

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